Admission Requirements

If you have a question, if you need any consultation – you can contact the IB program coordinator via email ib[at] We can also schedule an online meeting via MS Teams upon a personal request.

IB Webinar for applicants 2024/2025 took place one February 1, 2024 – record.
Applicants can send their questions to the address ivana.krejci [at] Check our web for the dates of Online Consulting hours for applicants that will be planned for March and April 2024.

How to apply

  1. Submit an E-application and fill in all requested columns, and upload required documents in the section “Documents”.



  2. Recognition of previous university degree. Integral & necessary part of the Admission procedure. Applicant is requested to arrange a proces according personal situation.


CV in English – structured CV, i. e. can be used a form of Europass CV.
If you have any additional documents (certificates, confirmations etc.) compressed them with the CV and upload it as one file -> E-application, section Documents.

English Certificate (proof of English knowledge) :

  • TOEFL (at least PBT: 567, CBT: 227, IBT: 87);
  • IELTS 6,0 – 6.5 (Academic);
  • Cambridge English B2 First/FCE;
  • another internationally accepted English certificate corresponding to the “B2” level of the CEFR.

If an applicant doesn´t have any certificate and plan to register for an exam
-> a confirmation of a registration to the exam is requested to upload in the part Proof of English (E-application/Documents)
-> after a result of the exam is available, upload this document to the same section (a print screen of a result of the exam, available online)
-> upload a certificate, when is available
A result of the English exam must be inserted in the system until the given deadline!

Proof of language proficiency in English is not required from native speakers of English and if the applicant’s previous education was fully taught in English (this fact must be officially confirmed by a university).

  1. Applicant who finished the previous bachelor degree:
    Recognition of the degree is required according to the information here. Follow the requirements of the process, please. Besides the process, compress the documents below to one and upload it to the part “Additional information” in the E-application/Documents:
    Official/verified copy of a diploma
    Official/verified copy of a transcript and if you already have resolution of
    Official/verified copy of a recognition of the previous university degree in the Czech Republic.
    Documents with electronic signatures are accepted. If this type of confirmed documents is not available then a hard copy in the requested form must be delivered.
  2. Applicant who is finishing the bachelor degree the academic year 2023/2024:
    Insert your Confirmation of study in the part Certificate of school attendance and a Temporary transcript of records in the E-application/Documents.
    Applicant will submit a request for a Recognition of a previous degree after graduation a receiving final documents. Details of the Recognition process are here. If documents are not issued in English or Czech/Slovak language by a university an official translation to English or Czech language is requested, too.
    Previous university degree will be reviewed by the Prague University of Economics and Business. The result of the review will be valid only for application at the Prague University of Economics and Business. If an applicant applies for more than one program at the Prague University of Economics and Business the confirmation is valid for all applications. Details of the recognition process.


Cover letter = motivation letter – one page of the text (max. 450 words), MS Word document, written in Times New Roman 12 font

Copy of the passport or the identity card (EU citizens). It is important to check the validity of the passport/ID! The most important moment for the students applying for visa. Upload to E-application/Documents.

Administration fee is 50 EUR / 1250 CZK = amount in the Czech crowns.  The payment must be performed according to the instructions in the e-application section “Paid” (online, bank transfer) and will be sent automatically via email after registering of an e-Application.
The administration fee is non-refundable.

Insert any additional document requested during the admission process, i. e.
– confirmation of completed study of an applicant who finishes the bachelor study in spring 2024
– compressed scanned copies of a diploma and diploma supplement/transcript if an applicant already finished the previous university degree.*)
– resolution of a recognition of a previous study already issued

*) Note: these documents must be delivered in the verified/notarized copies for the recognition process (hard copies). See the steps of the process here.
If documents with the electronic signatures are available, upload them.


Formal requirements of the application

One or two applications for a follow-up master’s degree study program taught in English may be submitted at the faculty. Only one study program can be chosen per application. The application is completed in a moment when all parts of the E-application in InSIS system are fulfilled = inserted personal data, addresses, paid an Administration fee and Additional information part. The section “Documents” is prepared to upload the requested documents by the given deadlines.


All graduates of FIR bachelor programs of the Prague University of Economics and Business who complete the program in the academic year 2023/2024 will be admitted to IB master program without entrance examination.
Applicants are requested to submit and fulfill requirements of the e-application, deliver/upload the requested documents, and pay an administration fee.