In-depth personal interview

Interview with the applicant will be scheduled online in two terms:

-> in the beginning of March with those applicants who submit all requested documents until the end of February 2024

-> in the beginning of May with other applicants who have met the deadline of 30 April 2024.

The interview is aimed at assessing the aptitude for study of the applicant and at his/her understanding of relations between international business and political and economic development in the world.

Possible topics are listed below:

  • Globalization and Potential of International Business and Investment in Developed and Developing Countries: Differences, Challenges, Threats, Decisions, Global Value Chains and their Fragmentation.
  • International Business and Economic Crises: Impacts, Changes, Challenges, Decisions, Behaviour of Companies.
  • Impact of Political Conflicts, Political Changes, Migration and Natural Disasters on International Business and Investment: Threats and Challenges, Benefits and Opportunities.
  • Impact of New Technologies and Innovations, Including Industry 4.0 (Internet of Things, Big Data and Analytics, Robotic Systems, Artificial Intelligence or Additive manufacturing) on International Business.
  • Business Challenges and Opportunities of International Companies within the Climate Changes and Governmental Regulation towards them.
  • Sustainability, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Integration, New Disclosure Policies or Responsible Sourcing as Challenges that Stand in the Way of Business Goals & Aspirations. Business Decisions and Strategies, Possible Approaches.
  • Impact of Energy Prices on Businesses and Firms Across Countries and Sectors. How can a Company or Industry Cope with these Increased Costs, Risks, and Uncertainties in Next Coming Years.



The admission to the program contains of the evaluation of two sections – in-depth interview and an assessment of aptitude for study – see more details.