Exchange program

Exchange Program at the VŠE – the main information, possibilities, options were said on the meeting and you can find them in the presentation. The list of possible universities for your choice will be available online at the . Information from the International Office presentation given at the meeting on November 23, 2018 – here, administrative duties before, during and after the study abroad exchange semester are available at the International Office website.  A student who applies for the exchange program should fulfill the study obligations of the first (Winter) semester study plan.  Read carefully the schedule of the exchange program procedure! (will announced in due time)

  • Offer of the universities for the exchange program is available in the online catalog.

APPLICATION FOR EXCHANGE PROGRAM: application is open from 11/02/2019 ; deadline on 18/02/2019at 15:00. Find the application form in your Study portal in InSIS in the application period. The whole process of the application for the exchange semester is online! The required documents must be uploaded into InSIS application.

  • Need any help? – Visit the website of the International Office – Contact the International Office (OZS) – location RB 549-553, Rajská building, 5th floor;  – or IB office – Mrs. Ivana Krejčí.