VŠE Facilities

Student status

Students of the International Business Program obtain a student ID card which allows them to use the facilities and services offered by the university, i.e. library, canteen, computer laboratory, WiFi network Eduroam, etc. They also benefit from other student advantages, for example public transport students tariffs and other reductions provided by the state and private institutions. Students are eligible to apply for an ID card with ISIC license.


The university´s library is open for students, subject to a simple registration procedure – general information. The International Business program also has its own limited library to offer some study books. Students can visit and use other public libraries in Prague, i.e. the Library of the Institute of International Relations, Prague, the Municipal Library of Prague.

Information technology and services

Computer labs are located in the rooms SB18, SB19 (out of courses schedule) and the university library. Free access to Wi-Fi on the university campus via Eduroam network – instal and use for your own devices. Internet access isavailable in the dormitory, too.

Copy/scan in the VŠE Library (the central library) which is located in the VŠE area in Žižkov, in the mezzanine of the Old building. How to print and copy instructions are here,

Any technical problem with your login, email address, ID card of Wi-Fi connection must be solved at the Informatics Centre – at the IT and ID Department, room SB 22.


The JAROV university dormitory is available for international students (as well as Czech students). It is situated in the Zizkov district in Prague 3, which is approximately 15 minutes from the university. Double-bedded rooms are equipped by Internet access. The cost is approximately EUR 150-200 per month. The applications for accommodation at the dormitory for the newly accepted students are arranged via IB office upon to the students request. More information here.


Students can eat in the canteens on the university campus and at the Jarov dormitory for student (lower) prices. There are also other meal opportunities (cafeterias, academic club).

Sport activities

Students can do sports organized by the Centre for Physical Education and Sports, Prague University of Economics and Business – regular sports or teams.

Academic and Psychological Counseling

Academic Psychological Counseling is part of the Department of Psychology and Sociology of the Faculty of Business Administration. It is available for all Prague University of Economics and Business, students. Student can visit the Academic Psychological Councelling For Foreign Students – more information is here.

Alumni & Corporate Centre

The Centre organizes and co-organizes the social, sporting and professional events at VŠE. The Centre connects students and alumni with workplaces and keeps and develops relations with the alumni as well as manages partnership. The Centre organizes job fairs in the university campus and provides job offers as well as a help in the Career centre.

Mentorship: ESN VSE Prague

The ESN VSE Prague is an Erasmus Student Network organization that facilitates the student and social life of foreign students in the Czech Republic. Students from abroad are offered the possibility to participate in the Buddy program to pair up with a Czech student who will help them to settle more easily into the new environment. The organization helps before arrival and during the stay, especially during the first few days. Foreign students are accompanied from the airport or the train/bus station to the dormitory and are provided with a basic orientation to the city and school, assisted with school and other formalities (school ID card, public transport pass, etc.) During the whole academic year, ESN VSE Prague organizes trips, meetings, parties and other activities for students.

VŠE Ambassadors

VŠE Ambassadors is a group of VŠE international students, which organizes special events for them and help the International Office with promotion of the University. The contact for the students´ representatives is via email ambassadors [at] vse.cz; find more information via this website to the social networks connection.



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