Program objectives

The International Business – Central European Business Realities program (further referred to as International Business or IB program) is aimed at preparing students for their management tasks and leadership roles in a multicultural entrepreneurial environment, in either national or multinational companies. It provides students with the in-depth knowledge and skills reflecting both global and specific Central European economic and business trends.

After successful completion of the program, student’s management abilities will include an interdisciplinary approach to the management of complex processes in the European and namely the Central European markets.

The graduates will be able to bridge theoretical prerequisites and practical applications, to analyze regional European markets in connection with its national and historical interference, to develop business strategies tailored to European realities, to consider the financial aspects of their decisions and to successfully apply intercultural differences in various negotiations.

Achievement of the program goal is guaranteed by professors at the Prague University of Economics and Business and by academic worldwide capacities (visiting professors).

The program consists of major subjects (see courses) and a minor specialization Business Practices that provides students some flexibility according to their specific study interests and preferences. Complementary to the program objectives, several courses with economic issues related to Central Europe or to cultural areas of the global economy, are offered; they are available starting from the third semester.

Students study in small international groups. In the framework of the program, they have access to the whole University´s offer of intensive business courses and to all exceptional lectures given by professionals, politicians and professors from all over the world.

The program finishes with a Final State exam International Business with the defence of the master thesis .