Only complete applications with the required enclosures will be considered.

Form and framework content of the admission exam, criteria for its evaluation

  • In-depth personal interviw –  the applicant can get a maximum of 50 points
    The conversation will focus on understanding the relationship between international trade and political and economic developments in the world. Topics to discuss with interviewers are available here.
  • The assessment of aptitude for study – The candidate can get a maximum of 50 points.
    Aptitude for study is assessed from a structured curriculum vitae, a statement of current study results of tertiary education (transcript of records), and a motivation letter in English. The criteria for assessment are study and personality assumptions based on the curriculum vitae and the recommendation and motivation letters, learning outcomes achieved and the composition of the previous studies with regard to the focus of the specific program.

Decision on admission

Admission will be determined by the order of the candidates who have met the admission conditions, and by their total points from all required exams/tests, which will be organized by order. According to this order, such number of applicants will be accepted given the capacity of the faculty and the Prague University of Economics and Business. In the event that the applicants who have been admitted do not use their right to enroll into studies (Section 51 of Act No. 111/1998 Coll.), candidates who show interest in the additional admission by filing an appeal against the non-acceptance decision can be admitted to these vacancies. In this case, the criteria will be the order of the total points earned, fulfillment of the conditions of admission and the appeal against the non-acceptance decision. An admission decision will be sent to applicants in three weeks following the entrance exam (by e-mail).

A Letter of Acceptance and all other documents which are necessary for the application for the long-term residence visa or temporary stay permit will follow by mail as soon as possible after the decision announcement.

The University cannot help students with the visa procedure. We recommend to the new students to apply for the Long term residence permit for the study purpose. Relevant information are available on the website of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs – information about the required documents and location of the Czech embassy in the country of origin where you apply for a legal stay in the Czech Republic. Please, study also the information at the website of the Ministry of Interior which makes an approval of the entrance to the Czech Republic; Students can use services of specialized agencies, however the university cooperates directly during the admission process with the applicants only.

The accepted student is requested to fulfill the requirements of the Recognition process of the previous university degree before the study in the program starts!
The Decision on recognition (form of review) is an integral part of the Admission process; only after delivered result of this process a student can be enrolled in the program.


All graduates of FIR bachelor programs of the Prague University of Economics and Business who complete the program in the academic year 2023/2024 will be admitted to IB master program without entrance examination.
Applicants are requested to submit and fulfil requirements of the e-application, deliver/upload the requested documents, and pay an administration fee.