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Winter semester 2024 online registration: June 17 –  August 27, 2024

Registration of the Minor Field Comprehensive exam (2BP), the major state exam (IB3_1) and the defence of the master thesis (IB3_2) is made via the Extra-sem. courses registration in the semester when the exam/defence is planned!
It is not possible to register the final exams in the registration & enrolment period. Detailed information to the Registration is provided by the IB office in due time.

Double degree students coming to the IB program will register the courses according to the sent study plan. They study courses from all groups – hP, hV, hJ, sP, sV. In case of any question contact Mrs. Krejci.

Webinar to the registration & enrolment process is available here. Other useful information and webinars at the web of Admission Office.

Registration of the courses for the new students / 1st semester will be arranged automatically. Students are requested not to change anything in the assigned courses.


  • check carefully the time table of the course which is inserted in the section NOTE
  • you should manage your registration of the intensive courses carefully – you shouldn´t miss the courses with regular time table often due to the participation in the intensive course!
    It can be an exception 1-2x per semester and you have to apologize directly to the teacher!
  • the attendance in the intensive courses is compulsory in the whole period of the course!

Help throughout the registration procedure – contact Mrs. Ivana Krejci.

IB study plan sample of the 2 year study program may help you in your registration.
IB study plan sample of the 2 year study program valid for the students with the intake 2023/2024.

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