EU citizens

New accepted Student

EU citizens (or citizens of Shengen Area – Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland) do not need a visa or a permit to study in the Czech Republic. They only need a valid passport or another equivalent ID.
Student has to arrange the health insurance in the proper form by their own. Students are advised to arrange a complex heath insurance (additional commercial insurance to a general health insurance of a home country) to cover a treatment in any type of care, including COVID-19  – find more information and recommendation at the special section of the International Office website.

Duties after the arrival to the Czech Republic

within 30 days after arrival is a student required to report his/her presence to the appropriate Foreign Police Department that holds jurisdiction in the location of his/her stay in the Czech Republic. In case you are accommodated at the dormitory – the announcement of your arrival is done by the dormitory.

If EU citizen intend to stay in the Czech Republic for longer than 3 months, they can request a certificate of temporary residence or a permanent residence permit to be issued.