Kateřina Čepelíková

The master program International Business was a great experience in all aspects. I am really glad I decided to choose this program. We were provided with relevant subjects taught by specialists in each area which gave us really solid background for our careers not only in international business. We studied in truly international environment. I met amazing people from the entire world and we enjoyed the best moments together. It was awesome to see and experience the beauty of different cultures. This was the best benefit for me. Moreover, the program International Business offers a unique opportunity to apply for double degree program meaning to study one whole year at partner universities abroad. I spent the second year of my master studies in Geneva and it changed my life completely. The partner university (International University in Geneva) allowed me to experience different study approach and meet directors of top companies who taught us. Furthermore, the international environment of Geneva itself combined with the opportunity to work there was even more exciting. Thanks to International Business and the double diploma my CV is very appealing to employers and gives a really good chance to work both in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

I highly recommend the program International Business to everyone who wants to have amazing friends from the entire world, experience international environment, use English on daily basis, have a great position on labor market, and also grow personally.

Kateřina Čepelíková; katerina.cepelikova [at]

Milan Hašek

If I wanted to describe the IB program in one word, it would be – opportunities. Why? Because the IB program offers you plenty of opportunities and you get to decide how to use them. You can stay in Prague for the two years, you can leave for Erasmus basically on every continent you would like to or you can get second master degree from selected partner universities (every year there are more options). I decided to do the double degree on MCI, which was a great choice as I experienced different environments, teaching styles and work of other international experts of the field. Both programs therefore taught me different ways how to look at challenges and how to overcome them. The two years also gave me the opportunity to spend time with great people from different cultures and make long-lasting friendships, something I lacked during my bachelor studies. Lastly, finishing this internationally recognised program gives you the opportunity for a great career development. I took those opportunities and squeezed what I could out of them. The result was one of the most remarkable period of my life.

Milan Hašek; hasek.milan91 [at]

Aleksei Lapenko

Master of International Business is a great opportunity for young people who are passionate about setting new challenges in life and overcoming them.
Located in the charming city of Prague, the University of Economics provide you with everything a young person would need: diversified study groups, motivated staff, modern facilities and, definitely, vibrant student life.
Moreover, you can choose an option to spend the second year of your studies abroad and obtain one more degree from partner university. In my case, the choice was made for Germany – Hochschule Mainz. Honestly speaking, it was a truly challenging experience, but I’m glad to manage with all the difficulties appeared on my way.
As a result, now I personally feel stronger after graduating from IB (International Business). Having earned two diplomas from Czech Republic and Germany, I already noticed to have better chances on the job market. And above all, one of most valuable thing for me is that during these 2 years I made real friends for life.

Aleksei Lapenko; alexey.lapenko [at]

Václav Procházka

I could talk for hours about the IB program and what a great experience it was for me. I feel lucky that I had the chance study the IB program and do my double-degree year in Mainz. At some points, it was quite challenging but that’s how it’s supposed to be. Overall, the program was very enriching. I had the opportunity to meet people from different countries and cultures and with some of them we became good friends. All the gained academic knowledge, as well as the international environment and the possibility of living one year abroad certainly contributed to my personal and professional development, and I would definitely apply for the IB program again. To keep it short. If you want to study in small study groups, meet people from all around the world, speak English on a daily basis, and just have a good time in one of the most beautiful cities, the IB at VŠE is a program for you.

Václav Procházka; xprochv [at]

Samuel Turányi

The combination of International Business at VŠE in Prague and International Health and Social Management at MCI in Innsbruck opened me possibilities to get a job in health-related sector, utilizing my business knowledge at the same time. This was one of the reasons I was chosen for the position of an Export Manager at MenüMobil. This job involves plenty of travelling, business trips and negotiations with customers (and our representatives), requires fast math skills and open intercultural approach – so in short, everything I wanted or wanted to apply after being done with university studies and following my career path. That is why I am incredibly glad I had a chance to do the IB – CEBR program and also my double-degree year abroad, because it provided me with multifaceted synopsis of business aspects as well as background of how hospitals europewide operate, which obviously increased my value on the job market. I can only recommend not to be afraid, grab this opportunity which IB offers, enjoy studies and be successful as a result in the future! 🙂

Samuel Turányi; turanyi.samuel [at]

Anastasia Nasanovich

I was very glad to spend these two years studying International business program in the University of Economics in Prague. The program provides not only with the comprehensive knowledge in the sphere of international relations and business, but also with the experience interacting with students and professors from different disciplines and all over the globe. During the studies I have not also developed my professional skills and knowledge, but grew up personally. The business, networking and communicational skills received are beneficial for managing career challenges and personal life.

I also want to express my sincere gratitude to the academic director of the program – Professor Ludmila Štěrbová and coordinator of the program – Ivana Krejčí, who were supporting us during this time and who are still in touch with the graduates.

The experience in the University of Economics was amazing and I am looking forward to more challenges and future success from obtaining this Master’s degree.

Anastasia Nasanovich, nnutsyy [at]

Ella Rozmanova

I finished and graduated the International Business program from VSE in June 2017. The 2 years of study were not only very busy, but also interesting. Despite the fact that I had preciously not studied economics or finance for my bachelors, many of the courses were challenging, nevertheless I was motivated to master them and I believe I was successful. Many teachers in the program were very engaging and I particularly enjoyed real-life examples and cases that were brought up and studied during lessons. Other lectures have taught me not only theories but also some applications that will be useful for my future life. I can strongly say that the IB program brought great benefit for my understanding of the business world and the forces that drive it. Thank you to all the most memorable and dedicated teachers: Mrs Sterbova, Mr Tauser, Mr Halik, Mrs Lhotakova, Mr Bruna, Mr Zambersky, Mr Wagner and Ms Chytilova, for your time and patience during lectures. A special thank you to the IB administrator Mrs Krejci, who was extremely helpful right from the early start of my study at VSE till the end of my studies and made the experience at the university very pleasant.

Good luck to all future IB applicants I highly recommend this program for anyone interested in the details, methods and applications of global business.

Ella Rozmanova, rozman.ella [at]

Yu-Ting Shen

I am glad to graduate from IB program (2014-2016) as an master student. Life in Prague was amazing to me. Especially, I grew up in the culture and weather which is different from Europe. I appreciate greatly that VSE(Buddy system) provided me a wonderful buddy-Nikki. She and her family treated me so well that I could have an opportunity to be local to know how Czech people celebrate Xmas. As for the administrative system of IB program, Mrs. Krejci was always with me no matter how hard the situation was. These two issues as the support helped me overcome all the difficulties.

Regarding to the program, It offers a comprehensive skill as well as the latest reality in business. I met and worked with my classmates from different cultures and backgrounds which broadened my cultural understanding and taught me to observe things in several perspectives not in one way. During my study, I also be an exchange student in United Kingdom.

Thank you VSE, I had a great time when studying IB program in Prague. Studying abroad is a valuable experience to be independent and to meet people from all around the world and to be lifetime friends. I believe that opportunity is for someone who fights for it not waits for it. In conclusion, IB program can open a new life experience for you, all you need is to join it and open your heart to start an adventure.

YuTing Shen (Taiwan), tennis87222 [at]

Michaela Hamacek

I spend the second year of my Master’s studies at VSE as part of the Double Degree Program. The time at VSE has been a very valuable experience, which I enjoyed in so many ways. The administration for all the IB students was great and I felt being taken care of from the time I applied to the moment I graduated. All the time I felt very welcome and there was a generally good atmosphere at VSE.

The program offers a good mix of different disciples in business and provides a good understanding of how the economy works. I got to meet and work with so many people from different cultures and backgrounds. This really enhanced my cultural understanding and personal development.

I can only recommend studying at VSE to everyone who is thinking about it. I am very happy with my decision to come to Prague and sad now that I have to leave this beautiful city.

Michaela Hamacek

michaelahamacek [at]

Pedro Martin Gutiérrez Kardum

I just graduated a couple of months ago from the IB program and I’m starting to feel the nostalgia for going back to the classrooms of my dear VSE.  I got the chance not only to learn everything to do business in this region, but to actually think like one of them, to understand their points of views, influenced by the recent historic developments in this part of Europe.  Much apart from the actual lessons, I really enjoyed the international environment that one can feel withing the group and the opportunity to show my country and, thus, surprise my colleagues (and even teachers) with many things that they didn’t know about Peru.  I think that this is a really good opportunity especially for Latin Americans, considering the prices of master programs in that region.  IB provides a deep understanding on how to do business in the CEE region, with a good position in international rankings, international accreditation, the possibility of having a second degree with its partner universities and, mainly, the possibility to enjoy a couple of years at such an incredible location as Prague, presenthing thus, both the program and the city, a great marketing mix at very competitive prices.  In addition, it was very easy for me to find a full time job in the Czech Republic just as I finished the master, not to mention the offers companies made me even while I was studying.  I’m a proud alumnus of IB, of VSE, and I really recommend this program to anyone who wants to stay in this region or wants to make business with it.

Pedro Martin Gutiérrez Kardum

pedroperu [at];;

Tomáš Horák

IB program at VSE is a great choice for everyone who wants to study at a big well-recognized university with a new campus, well-equipped library, PC labs, variety of food choice at different cafeterias and at the same time still benefit from small study groups and personal approach of the professors. I had a great time when studying IB program at VSE. You can certainly be sure that it will give you an opportunity to meet people and cultures from all around the world, practice your English on daily basis, plus it will give you a great differentiation point in your CV and natural boost in your future professional career.

Tomáš Horák; tom.horak01 [at]

Eric Bonato

I graduated from the Double Degree IAE Lyon – VSE University of Economics in 2013. I decided to finish my studies outside France and Prague seemed to me being the best opportunity. I do not regret it at all, University was a nice environment, and the city of Prague itself was even a better one. So I would have to say that  it is worth a stay in the Czech Republic. And you, „future students“, might feel some cultural differences, which is always nice to discover.

Regarding the University, it is a nice environment to study in and courses are various. Teachers are here for you. The administration is also always here for you, so Mrs. Krejci is..

Just to conclude, VSE and Prague are two good reasons to choose this program..

E. Bonato


Joao Diogo da Rocha Fernandes

Dear future Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that I share with you my unforgettable 2 years of IB experience. Started the program in September of 2010 and since the first day I received all the necessary support by the IB staff which made the adaptation to a new city much easier. Furthermore, the IB program and VSE in general welcome every year several hundreds of international students from all over the world with whom I had the chance to learn, exchange ideas, and make lot of good friends.

Regarding the in class experience, I found a group of very knowledgeable professors, providing solid courses where I received all the tools and support to perform successfully.

The compulsory courses cover key topics in the business world e.g. Finance, Economics, and Marketing guarantying that all students have the necessary skills for any specialization. From the second semester on we were presented with a notorious range of optional courses available, allowing me to focus on my favorite subjects.

In the second year, I went for the double degree option with MCI Innsbruck partner University. It was a great choice which allowed me to specialize on healthcare management, and so far the combination of the 2 degrees has opened many opportunities.

About my classmates, I had the chance to be surrounded by a group of bright minds, highly driven, that contributed tremendously for my personal development, and above all with whom I had lot of fun!

Joao Diogo da Rocha Fernandes,

Shu Hanáková Chen

I felt very lucky that I found this International Business program when I was still living in Shanghai China. During the two years studying I met great people from different countries. The studying environment was very dynamic. All the courses involved various interesting projects and definitely it also helped me to improve my presentation skill. This program also involved a lot of useful and inspiring guest speeches, such as the speech given by marketing director from Skoda company and Pilsen Uruguay company etc. It was also really good opportunity to build the network and seize the potential work opportunity in those international companies.
At the beginning, the study was a little difficult for me because I came from totally different studying background in China and I didn’t know the language and culture in Czech Republic. But it was very thoughtful that they arranged a Czech buddy for me as a foreign student. Moreover the professors were very patient and helpful assisting me and explaining the problems I had during their office hours.
This two years study was one of the most exciting experience of my life, I grew both personally and professionally level.
Shu Hanáková Chen, chrischenshu1985 (at)

Darya Korlyakova

The IB program highly contributed to my professional and personal development. It gave me a comprehensive overview of EU regulatory framework, deep understanding of functioning of international organizations (such as WTO, WB, OECD, etc.) and versatile outlook on world economies. The program is very well structured: in the beginning we had a chance to refresh our knowledge in such subjects as microeconomics and macroeconomics which presented a basis for other subjects. As the level of teaching is very high and the explanations are very detailed the students without relevant background were able to succeed in these fundamental courses. All the professors are very helpful, therefore if the questions arose we could always have a personal consultation with them during office hours in order to clarify our doubts. In addition during this two-year period we had a great opportunity to acquaint ourselves with various cultures and become aware of their differences which should not be ignored during formulation and implementation of marketing and management strategies. Moreover conducting international business is not possible if you are not able to find the ways of cost reduction (what should be done on a continuous basis) and hedge against exchange rate, counterparty and other kinds of risks. Thanks to accounting, business operations and finance classes we learnt how to do this.

Besides all this the program coordinator is very supportive, we always addressed her when we felt confused with school information system, our timetable or other organizational issues. Another strong side of the program is well equipped library where we could find all the books necessary for our studies as well as facultative reading materials.

To sum up IB program can open new horizons for you, all you need is to open your heart to them and move ahead towards this wonderful experience!

Darya Korlyakova, darkorl1[at]

Denys Reva

IB Program was quite a challenge for me, however very interesting and exciting event of my life.

The program itself is interesting, because I have got an opportunity to meet new people from other countries, especially such as myself from foreign country. The mixture of languages and ways of thinking give a different approach for problem solving. Teamwork and individual assignments taught me how to operate with information faster, more coherent and more efficient. During cooperation with our colleagues we have also grown a relationship network, which helps in everyday life.

The IB gives an opportunity to travel for professional growth. There were two programs available for student’s choice: double degree to one of four European partner’s universities (one year program) or to one of hundreds partner’s universities around the globe (exchange one semester program).  I was lucky enough to earn a possibility to study at Emory University in Atlanta, GA, USA. It was very exciting and interesting journey. In US I had an opportunity to study law, accounting, and technology and add that knowledge base to already obtained one in other countries. It is fascinating experience to figure out the difference not only in knowledge base but also in the manner, style, path of teaching. Should be also mentioned the intriguing constant contrast in between the cultural differences.

Not the last but not the least important fact is that I was able to get a job whilst I was still studying during my last semester. Nonetheless, it took me about year to find it, but now I can be confident that it is possible with the IB diploma.

The program is tough and difficult, but hey isn’t it the way to success? I think yes. I am glad that I took my chances and have gone through the whole IB program experience.
Thank you
Best of luck
Denys Reva

Denys Reva, denysreva9[at]

Vadim Tarasov

It is with genuine satisfaction and nostalgia that I recall the years 2010-2012 which I spent at IB programme – the time full of ambitious ideas and communication with very interesting people.

In my opinion it is exactly the people that form the core asset of the programme. The board of professors have always been there to share their profound knowledge and consult on any issues whatsoever. More than that, I have also learned a lot from my classmates, most of which are truly bright young people with different cultural background. Close friendship and the spirit of belonging to a unique academic circle made us feel like a big family.

The overall academic workload is designed cleverly, with no two semesters being similar. For instance, during the first quite intensive semester one could shape the necessary level of economic background, while in the last one there were not that many subjects allowing to concentrate more on the thesis. Another pillar of the programme is certainly the opportunity of studying at a partner university, which in many terms helps to double the experience acquired.

All in all, I can say solely good words about the programme and can’t help giving credit to the people involved in it.

Vadim Tarasov, vatar710[at]

Grégory Pesce

I graduated in June 2012 from the International Business program after two exciting years at the University of Economics. For me, it didn’t make any sense to study International Business in my country in a monoculture environment and therefore I’m fully satisfied by the program. Classmates and teachers come from very different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures. Peoples have different point of view and it is very interesting to share experiences, opinions and to teamwork on challenging case studies. The program was intense but rewarding, I learnt a lot and I definitively gained a new perspective of the world. Furthermore, the program is characterized by high-quality teaching, which helped me to develop the essential business skills. The program is well organized, efficient and offers a wide range of courses. With the EPAS accreditation, the program is now recognized by one of the leading organization for international development. I highly recommend the program to all prospective students who want to study in a qualified and challenging University!

Grégory Pesce :égory-pesce/25/841/999

Stanislav Tarasov

“Dear future colleagues,

The IB master’s program is an academic experience like no other. It offers a rich spectrum of opportunities aimed at creating and shaping students’ theoretical and practical profile in international business. During two years of studies students are given lectures by leading local professors as well as recognized guest lecturers. There are opportunities to go to partner universities for a second year and get a double degree diploma or spend the third semester at a university from virtually any country of the world. Moreover, like any top master’s program, the IB gives arguably the most valuable asset – it brings together bright students from diverse countries that during two years learn how to communicate, work in group projects and have fun. Finally, the University of Economics, Prague is equipped with modern facilities that make student’s life more comfortable and Prague is heaven for young people with its great culture, low prices and myriads of interesting things to do.

Good luck!”

Stanislav Tarasov, tarasovsta[at]

Tomáš Plocek

First of all I would like to thank all stuff of the program for creating it. I found three important and unique features that make the program better than the other programs. Firstly it is a small community where everyone knows each other and when all students can ask for help and individual approach. Secondly it is background of big institution which can support the program with lot of qualified teachers as well as with optional courses and so on. Third excellent feature of the program is the opportunity to go abroad and learn even more in other universities in double degree program.

I personally learnt during the program much more than I even hoped before I joined the program and both years in Prague and in Geneva were very beneficial for both my knowledge and career. For people those who prefer results to words I would like to say that thank to this program I was able to find great full time job even before the end of my studies and immediately after the final exams I have started to work as credit analyst for Central Europe in Scania Finance.

Tomáš Plocek, Tomas<at>

 Andrey Sarapulov

My experience with International Business program was very exciting. First of all I must say that education in Czech Republic is totally different than in post Soviet countries. Here you learn the real practical things that you can use. Studying International Business I got a chance to deal with organizations that recognized globally and it was amazing. I love these 2 years I spent on IB program and highly recommend this program to everyone.

 Socorro Sanchéz

“I started my master studies at VSE in september of 2008. I chose the IB program because, after my bachelor in International Relations, I wanted to especialize in Central Europe, especially in the business practices of this region. I was and I am very satisfied about the quality of the education I received and in general about the program. It is very well organized, besides the professors and the administrative personnel are always ready to help you and to answer your questions in a very rapid and efficient manner. I also loved the fact that the program was really multicultural: my classmates and lecturers came from many different countries and thanks to that I was able to know different opinions and points of view. The IB program really gave me a lot not only in the academic field but also in a personal level since I made there very good friends. I would recommend this program to anybody interested in studying business in a highly recognized school and in a region with a lot of business potential, full of history and beauty and with a very fun and unique atmosphere!”

Socorro Sánchez, sanchez.socorro[at]

Yulia Ivanova

I want to thank all organizators, teachers, visiting professors for organizing an amazing program International Business – Central European Business Realities. It was a big pleasure to study in multinational environment, working under different practical case studies(eg. Skoda Project, Nokia Competition Project etc.), using theoretical knowledge and applying it into practice. I want to thank my supervisor Mr. Halik, who helped me with practical advices and examples and guided me in writing my thesis. I highly recommend this program to all future students, because it brings you only positive feelings, needed experience and necessary knowledge for a future career growth. I think with new knowledge we can manage a fast-paced environment, especially if this knoweledge taken from IB. I wish all students GOOD LUCK and NEW OPPORTUNITIES for their future development.

Yulia, Ivanova, flor1985[at]

Martin Hloušek

Before applying for the IB program, I studied Informatics during bachelor’s degree studies at the University of Economics in Prague. After graduation I wanted to change my major, so I was looking for the opportunities. IB Program seemed as a great possibility with the best teachers from the university and interesting subjects. This turned out to be true. I enjoyed two exciting years with different-nationality students from all over the world. The program was enriching and inspiring, even though it was quite challenging in the beginning. I would definitely apply again!

Martin Hlousek,

Rémi Lefevre

I graduated from both the IAE Lyon and University of Economics, Prague in 2011, thanks to the double-degree partnership between the two business schools. My second year of Master’s degree in Prague proved to be fulfilling, enriching and surprising on several aspects, but always in the good way. As a matter of fact I was first impressed by the quality of the follow-up of Ms KREJCI, always answering her emails rapidly and efficiently, before appreciating the excellent welcoming of VSE’s Buddy System. The first classes in the hyper-modern Paradise Building of the University were enticing and overall Prague looks like a very elegant lady: pretty at first glance, rather difficult to approach, but gradually seducing you with her charms.

An excellent experience, full of discoveries, encounters, energetic comrades and humorous dorm-mates. Central Europe at its best lays in Prague, at the University of Economics, in the IB Program.

Rémi Lefevre, double degree student (IAE Lyon),

Ivana Jakova

I started my master studies at the University of Economics Prague in September 2008. My first reason why I chose this University comes from my experience that I acquired in 2007 as an exchange student when I was positively impressed by the organization and quality of teaching at the University. The program that I chose to apply was the International Business, with focus on the Central Europe, a region which was always of my great interest. I considered it as a great opportunity to deepen profoundly my knowledge about the business practices in this region that I deeply believe provides huge investment opportunities and future growth. Therefore I applied, I got accepted and I don’t regret at all having been a student of the VSE, especially of the IB program. I strongly recommend it to all young ambitious students looking for a high-quality education, for a perfect organization and administration and for those who are looking for further effective development of their career.

Ivana Jakova, ijakova[at]

Alexia Gilles

I have spent one year in Prague in the IB Program. This experience has been unique for me! In addition to the cultural exchange aspect and international experience, I have learned a lot about Central and Eastern Europe: its history, its economy and politics, trade aspects, culture, etc. Prague is an international capital, rich in history and open to the World, pleasant to live in. The only advice I can give you is: try it! You won’t regret it! 🙂

Alexia Gilles, double degree student (IAE Lyon), alexia_gilles[at]

Kirstin Everett

Studying at VSE gave me multiple opportunities. I chose this school due to its location in the beautiful city of Prague. I believe that studying International Business in an international setting gives me an advantage when applying for jobs out of my home country.  The program gives you the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world, as the students come from almost every continent.  The lecturers come from a variety of professional and academic settings giving students the opportunity to learn subjects applicable in a work setting or an academic setting.  The school has a smaller international program, giving you the opportunity to interact with Czech students in addition to my international colleagues. The school provides a variety of services to help students acquaint themselves with both the city of Prague and its surrounding areas.

Kirstin Everett, apache7765[at]

Tanya Liu

Thanks for offering this IB program.  During the first year of my study I got not only theoretical knowledge but also practical experience. I worked part time for SAP BSCE for 6 months during the first year of my study. My life was busy but fulfilled. I had to master my time between my part time job and my study. Not to mention the countless parties in Prague. The second year I took part in double degree program and studied in Germany since 2008. Double degree program means more study. I personally prefer the city Prague more than Mainz. But it is a kind of special experience to get to know another culture, country. After finishing all my courses in July 2009 in Germany, I found a job as Manager assistant by Nexcom GmbH, a Taiwanese company which has a subsidiary in Munich. This program offers me more opportunities to upgrade myself.

Tanya Liu, double degree student (Mainz), liu.tanja[at]

Marie Berger

A few weeks before the end of my studies in the IB at the VSE I started to seek a job in Europe. After having different opportunities in France, UK & Belgium I decided to stay in Czech Republic. I have been working as a Credit Analyst in Prague for ExxonMobil since June 2008.
Working in a global company for a first post-studies experience is priceless. My future will remain abroad, I don’t know when I will change job, where I will go or which company I will work for but I know my studies allow me to have this excellent choice today.

Marie Berger, double degree student (IAE Lyon), marie-berger[at]

Olga Selivanova

The qualitative education backed with variety of international elements, such as program language, international students and lecturers, opportunities of transfers,  is probably the best way how to prepare yourself for career in a competitive global business environment. From this point of view I recommend the school with confidence. However still have to recommend the school to concentrate the teaching on application of theoretical knowledge in practice. This is probably the crucial point, which either speeds up your career or slows it down, forcing you to begin from junior positions (which may be demotivating if you are 25 when you finish the school and firstly apply for a job).

Olga Selivanova olga.selivanova[at]

Kamil Hallak

Last year I started my masters studies at School of Economics in Prague majoring in International Business (IB) with emphasis on Central and Eastern Europe, since I believe that this region represents a huge market which has not been saturated and offers immense investing opportunities. All the courses are taught in English language by visiting professors or Czech professors with grand international experience. The lecturers take part in world summits like WTO, advise Czech government and companies with the international trade or/and attend various international seminar meetings.
Being a student of the IB program means that you are already living in the international world thanks to the multicultural class you are in. I’m in a class with students from 17 different countries from Asia, America, Africa and Europe. Studying in English language at the top Czech business university gives the students a competitive advantageous over the other students, therefore during the studies we can find and work for reputable multinational corporations.
Recently, I was accepted in KPMG for a part time job which is specially designed for students who are enrolled in the masters business program. At the end, Prague is truly a gorgeous city in which is fun to live.

Kamil Hallak, kamil.hallak[at]

Leena Saloniemi

I graduated from IB-program in 2008 after two years studies at the University of Economics, Prague. This was actually my second time in this school, since I spend here one semester in 2004 as an exchange student. Already then I liked the school, and of course Prague, and wanted to return someday. When I finished my bachelor studies and by accident heard about the program, I applied, got accepted and have no regents now when it is successfully over. The program offers wide range of courses which always provide some information which could not be found from books. Experienced, specialized and qualified teachers from Czech Republic or abroad have shared their practical knowledge of Central European markets as well as the specifics of global trade. Now I am currently looking for job and already my degree from VŠE has got extra attention. I believe that in the future, the degree completed in the foreign country will give me needed differentiation from other applicants in the competitive business world. I will miss my time in Prague a lot!

Leena Saloniemi,leena.saloniemi[at]

Marina Klimova

I have recently graduated from IB master program at the University of Economics in Prague. I have been studying there for 2 academic years since I entered in autumn 2006. During these two years I felt actively involved into studying process preparing various projects, plans, tasks and presentations working with the team of internationally diverse individuals. This kind of atmosphere brings unique opportunity to experience you as a part of multinational world, meet and communicate with the residents from all over the world.   The program widely covers the range of studies which are essential for international business nowadays; helps to understand the important trends, directions and priorities of modern business environment. Experienced and qualified professors originally from Czech Republic or abroad with rich practical and theoretical backgrounds in different fields generously delivered their knowledge to students.

I have learnt many practical things through numerous case studies that were given to solve within tight timing that especially helps you to form necessary skills of problem solving and desire to challenges. Therefore, now I do believe that having international experience and also practical knowledge, I have enough bullets for my current job hunting!

Marina Klimova, marina_v_klimova[at]