Alumni Club Networking

The International Business Alumni Club (IBAC) has been established the 11 December 2010. The IBAC proved  to be a good opportunity for networking among alumni and for sharing news from the University and the IB Program life. All our alumni are invited to initiate and contribute to the activities of IBAC. The annual meeting of the Club is planned for November/December every year (documentation is available in the section Gallery).

  • Do you want to offer an internship at your company?
  • Do you want to offer a job at your company?
  • Do you know of an interesting opportunity you would like to share?
  • Do you want to share your experience with IB students & graduates?
  • Keep in touch! Any news updates you want to share with your fellow alumni?  A new job? Moved to a new country? You got married?  You’re going be a parent?

Share your news, offers with the group of IB community via networks:

IB  LinkedIn group:

IB ALUMNI CLUB Facebook group:

For any personal updates contact Mrs. Ivana Krejci.

Legalization of your diploma – Useful information for graduates:
We recommend to arrange a legalization of the diploma by the apostille before the graduates leave the Czech Republic.
Manage your time and visit the institutions according to the recommended plan here. Then you are prepared for a recognition of your diploma abroad.