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The Consortium of International Double Degrees, to which the IB Program is a member, organizes for students  some summer events :

CIDD International Student Conference 2017

will take place from 22nd – 24th of May 2017 at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

The topic of the CIDD International Student Conference 2017 is “The Influence of Culture on International Business”.

The details of the conference are available in the program.

Interested students should fill in the attached registration form and send it to

The application deadline is 24th of February 2017.

Please note that there is only a limited number of places available for this conference. Participation is exclusively for students from CIDD partner universities and is allocated on a "first comes first served" basis.

Summer School in South Carolina at Coastal Carolina University in the USA 

will takes place in the period 23 July - 12 August 2017. Students who attend the program will learn about U.S. business practices, economy, and culture through a series of workshops delivered by our professors and go on a variety of educational and fun trips.

Apply via the application form. Deadline is on May 1, 2017! Find more information and instructions in the brochure.



Where to go if I have a problem with my password (InSIS, email, Eduroam)?

Go to the IT support/Help desk office located in the room SB22 . You can get an advise with the connection to your devices, too.

What to do if I lost my ID card?

Go to the ID cards management office located in the room SB22..

Where can I print, copy or scan documents at the university?

First of all you need to charge money to your ISIC - there is an automat by the PC rooms on the first floor of the Old building or you can go to SB 22 (ID card department).

Copy/scan in the VŠE Library (the central library) which is located in the VŠE area in Žižkov, in the mezzanine of the Old building

Is there a possibility to do sport at the university?

Centre for physical education and sports, University of Economics, Prague, offers sport courses for English speaking students. Find more inf here.

I need a doctor´s help, what shall I do?

You can find contacts to a GP, a dentist and a gynaecologist at the website.

Can I have a job and study International Business program in the same time?

Yes, you can have a part-time job, but you need to follow the classes, so it’s preferable to have a job with some flexibility. The schedule of the classes is different every semester.



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