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Recognition of the previous university degree

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In case you apply for more master programs at our university you should apply for the recognition only once! The resolution is valid for all programs you apply for.

The recognition of the applicant’s previous university degree is required in order to study the Master’s program at the University of Economics, Prague. The applicant shall request recognition of his/her bachelor diploma at the Czech University, which provides similar study modules.

The official instructions and conditions of the documents are described at the official website of the University of Economics, Prague. The applicant should prepare the documents and send them to the given address. In case of request of any help the International Business office is prepared to advice, help.

The applicant is requested to inform the International Business office about the recognition procedure he/she started.

Additional information, explanation of the required documents for applicants for the recognition with the previous study in the economic field are described in this document.

If you studied in the other than economic study modules, this document might help you to find the Czech University providing similar study modules and you have to ask for the recognition there.

The applicant must prepare the documents in the required condition. Provide the notarized/certified copies of the documents! The documents are accepted in English language – the official translation is requested in case the original documents were not issued in English. The documents are not returned after the finishing the procedure!

The recognition procedure should preferably start by sending the required documents to the given address (see the official website, link above) by  February 29, 2016. In case you don´t meet this deadline, contact a coordinator of the program for other steps. You can still apply for the program if you meet the application deadline April 30 ,2016.

Recognition is not required for graduates from Czech and Slovak Universities.

Hungarian, Polish and Slovenian documents, which are part of equivalent agreements, can be used in the Czech Republic directly without recognition. A confirmation of documents´ equivalence for the purpose of further education in the Czech Republic is not necessary.  However, if the holder of a document considers such confirmation relevant and necessary, he or she can request the Ministry, University Department, for the recognition of the foreign university education.

Agreement with Germany also belongs to the category of presidential agreements approved by the Parliament of the Czech Republic and ratified by the president. However, for the recognition of German education, the holder of a document has to request the Ministry, University Department. (Art. 3, par. 1 and 2 of the mentioned Agreement). Applicants of the International Business program can contact the program administrator for the further information and details. 

 Application form for the recognition of the previous university degree at the University of Economics, Prague.


In case you still study and you’re about to finish the bachelor studies in the current academic year (at least till August 2016), you have to send us the Confirmation of Study from the University and the actual, temporary Academic Transcript/Report.

The Academic Transcript/Report must include:

  • A list of all courses completed during the bachelor’s study
  • ECTS credits or allocated number of class hours per week for all courses on the list
  • Grades in all courses on the list
  • The grading scale
  • Transcript has to be in a form of original letter on university letterhead paper, with the signature of a responsible person and a stamp
  • English version of the transcript is required

The application for the recognition must be submitted immediately the final documents (Diploma and  Diploma Supplement/Transcript) are issued and prepared in the required conditions, see information on this page above.