Entrance Exam – long distance exam (via email)

Entrance exam (via email). The applicants are advised to be online these days.

  • an essay in English on a given economic topic – 2200 words (it comprises generally the level of the bachelor study at the University of Economics, Prague – not achievement of the number of words could cause a loss of points in the final evaluation of the applicant).
    The topic for the essay will be based on economic issues, such as presumption for economic globalization and its positive and negative impacts, the role of international organizations involved in economic globalization, governance of international trade and its rules, foreign direct investment and its impacts on the economies of developed and developing countries, the position of developing countries in the world economy, newly emerging problems in economic relations between and among countries, trade, investment and business relations among countries, what can influence international business in global economic environment, new emerged political issues and their impact on business, etc. Applicants are encouraged to use examples from their country in order to illustrate the conclusions of the essay.
  • motivation letter of one page of the text (max. 450 words)
  • Entrance exam conditions and instructions will be announced in due time.