Entrance Exam – essay

Entrance exam – submit in the E-application section “Documents”

  • The essay is a part of the entrance exam; it is organized on a long-distance.
    Submit the essay in the E-application section “Documents”.
    Submit the essay any time during the application period but at latest by June 30, 2020 23:59 of the CEST/Central European Summer Time.
  •  Instructions:
    1. The essay must be written in English and solely by the applicant without any assistance from others!
    2. The requested range of an essay is 2200 – 2400 words. The limit has to be kept.
    3. Academic paper requirements needs to be fulfilled (format, quotations, resources, etc.).
    4. Only MS Word format is accepted. Recommended font Times Roman 12.
    5. Applicants must strictly avoid any form of plagiarism including translations. If an essay or any part of it is copied or translated, the author of it will be excluded from the admission procedure.

Climate changes are becoming one of the pressing challenges of humankind.
Different interest groups
and nations see this issue from a different perspective, which creates an open ground for an international discussion. Try to see this topic from a perspective of a specific international company and discuss business challenges and opportunities this company can face with respect to climate changes. Please back your argumentation on reliable sources.


The admission to the program contents of the evaluation of the two sections – a professional part and an assessment of aptitude for study – see more details.