Important dates

18.9.2017 - 15.12.2017 - Winter Semester 2017

28.9.2017 - 29.9.2017 - Public holiday and Dean´s Day

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Admission requirement

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Admission process for the academic year 2017/2018 is closed. The applications for intake 2018/2019 will be open in November/December 2017, the deadline April 30, 2018.

Recognition process can be solved during the whole year!

Bachelor’s degree

The International Business Program is designed for students from all over the world who have completed their bachelor’s study or who are going to finish it by the end of August 2017. Previous economic and/or business education is an advantage.

How to prove the bachelor’s degree:

  • Graduates of Czech and Slovak universities provide a legalized (notarized) copy of their university diploma,
  • Graduate of Slovenian, Polish and Hungarian universities provide a legalized (notarized) copy of their university diploma
  • Graduates of German universities apply for a recognition/nostrification of the university degree at the public university in the Czech Republic which offers similar study program
  • Graduates of other universities provide a legalized (notarized) copy of their university diploma and an academic transcript and apply for the recognition of their previous university degree (for details, please see part Recognition/nostrification of the previous University degree).

The resolution of the recognition procedure should be a part of the documents attached to the application to the IB program.

In case a bachelor´s degree will be achieved in the academic year 2016/2017 an applicant is requested to attach to the application documents a confirmation of study and a temporary transcript of records. The bachelor’s degree should be completed by the date of the admission exam. Students who have not finished their bachelor’s study by the date of the admission exam, must do so by August 2017; these students must provide all documents by the first day of winter semester, at the latest. The recognition process of the previous university degree abroad must start immediately after the documents required for the recognition procedure are available! The process takes about 60 days!

APPLICATION AND RECOGNITION PROCEDURES ARE SEPARATE  PROCESSES! Read carefully and follow instructions of each and keep in mind to fulfill both processes on time!!

English knowledge

The following certificates are accepted:  

  • TOEFL ( required points of the test in these versions: PBT: 567 , CBT: 227 , IBT: 87 )
  • IELTS result 5,5 - 6,5 (Academic)
  • Cambridge ESOL FCE
  • or the equivalent of another internationally accepted English certificate corresponding to the "B2" level ot the CEFR

The test in English is not required from the native English speakers and if the student's previous education was fully taught in English (this fact must be confirmed by a university).

Entrance Exam - long distance exam (via email)

  • May 1 - 3, 2017 - entrance exam (via email). The applicants are advised to be online these days.
  • an essay in English on a given economic topic - 2200 words (it comprises generally the level of the bachelor study at the University of Economics, Prague - not achievement of the number of words could cause a loss of points in the final evaluation of the applicant)
  • motivation letter of one page of the text (max. 450 words)
  • Entrance exam conditions and instructions.


Administration fee
50 EUR/ 1350 CZK. The payment must be performed according to the instructions in the e-application section “Paid” and will be sent automatically via email after registering an e-Application.
The administration fee is non-refundable.

Instructions, information to the e-Application and other required steps in the application process find in the section "How to apply"