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21.9.2015 - 18.12.2015 - Winter Semester 2015

30.11.2015 - 2.12.2015 - Days of Partner Universities

21.12.2015 - 4.2.2016 - Exam period

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Frequenty asked questions (FAQ)

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1. Is International Business – Central European Business Realities (IB) MBA program?

No. International Business – Central European Business Realities is a two-year (four semesters) full-time Master’s Program taught in English. It means that you have to have your bachelor study completed.

University of Economics Prague offers MBA programs only in Czech language. More information can be found at (available only in Czech language).

2. Which documents are needed for the application?

Firstly read carefully the information at the program website about the admission procedure.

A) Recognition/nostrification of the previous University degree

B)  E-application is made online and other should be sent to the IB office – Application form and required attachements.

3. Is there an entrance examination to IB?

Yes. We offer long distance exam, which means that the students do not have to come to Prague to write the exam. It consists of an essay in English on a given economic topic – 2200 words (it comprises generally the level of the bachelor study at the University of Economics, Prague) and a motivation letter of one page of the text.

4. Is there any administration fee?

Yes, EUR 50 must be paid by the date of the application deadline. 50 EUR is equal to 1370 CZK – amount in the Czech crowns calculated according to the Czech National Bank rate to the date of the application opening). The payment must be made according to the instructions received automatically via email upon registering an e-Application.

5. What is the exact cost of tuition for a semester?

 The tuition fee is 1800 € (EUR) per semester. The tuition fee is paid before each semester starts.

Dormitory accommodation, if desired, is an additional cca 550 € (EUR) for one semester.

6. Can I apply for an IB (or University) scholarship?

The University of Economics, Prague, does not provide any student grant. Students could apply for other grants, e.g. at the Visegrad Fund .

Students having applied for the governmental grant at the Czech Ministry of Education could not use this grant for studying any study program with tuition fee within the Czech Republic.

7. Can someone help me get from the airport to the dorms?

The only way is to take part in the Buddy System and get a Czech student to help you. For more information about Buddy System activities, check the webpage

8. Where are the IB students accommodated and what does a meal plan include?

Most IB students who apply for accommodation live in the university dormitory, located in Prague – Jarov I. (It takes you 15 – 20 minutes by tram to get to the university campus.). For more information, please visit the webpage  Meals are offered both in the dormitory and on the university campus.

9. What will I need for living in the dormitory?

All that you will need for living in the dormitory (like sheets and desk lamp) will be provided to you by the dormitories. However, there are no dishes available in the dormitory kitchenettes. But even here the best strategy is to bring nothing and buy the potentially missing equipment cheaply in Prague.

10. Could you give me the names, phone numbers, and/or e-mail addresses of students that have recently participated in this program?

Yes, you can find them here.

11.  Can I have a job and study International Business program in the same time?

Yes, you can have a part-time job, but you need to follow the classes, so it’s preferable to have a job with some flexibility. The schedule of the classes is different every semester.

12. Where can I print, copy or scan documents at the university?

First of all you need to charge money to your ISIC – there is an automat by the PC rooms on the first floor of the Old building or you can go to SB 22 (ID card department).

Then you can print in SB 100B (PC rooms on the first SB 106 and second SB 205 floor in the Old building).

Copy/scan in the VŠE Library (the central library) which is located in the VŠE area in Žižkov, in the mezzanine of the Old building

13. Is there a possibility to do sport at the university?

Centre for physical education and sports, University of Economics, Prague, offers sport courses for English speaking students. Find more inf here.

14. I need a doctor´s help, what shall I do?

You can find a GP, a dentist and a gynaecologist at the dorms Jarov. The doctor´s offices are located at Jeseniova street 2769/208, Prague 3 (The Administration building of the Jarov dorms). The GP (MUDr. Růžena Jíchová) speaks only Czech, German and Russian, so take your buddy along.

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